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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

Grade Appeal Final Course Grade Policy

Every student has a right to receive an assigned grade that is fair and unprejudiced based on a method that is neither random nor unpredictable. Students who wish to appeal a final grade are responsible for demonstrating that the grade they received was contrary to procedures as specified in the course syllabus or was based on computational or clerical error. Faculty have the right to assign a grade based on any method that is professionally acceptable, submitted in writing to all students, and applied equally. Faculty have the responsibility to provide the careful evaluation and timely assignment of all grades. Course grading methods should be clearly explained to students at the beginning of the term. Labouré College assumes that the judgment of the professor is valid, and the final grades assigned are correct. Faculty members and students have a responsibility to attempt to resolve grade disputes informally.

  • A grade appeal shall be restricted to charges of unfair action toward an individual student and may not involve a challenge of a professor's grading standard.
  • Dissatisfaction with a grade is not a rationale for appeal.
  • A student has a right to expect thoughtful and clearly defined approaches to course and project grading, but it must be recognized that standards can vary and individual approaches to grading are valid. If a grade has been assigned in a manner other than that stated on the course syllabus or other published course documents, or are inconsistent with how they were assigned to other students, than a grade appeal will be considered.
  • The grade appeal considers whether a grade was determined in a fair and appropriate manner; it does not attempt to grade or re-grade individual assignments or projects.
  • It is incumbent on the student to substantiate the claim that his or her final grade represents unfair treatment, compared to the standard applied to other students. It is up to the student to provide any and all documentation supporting his/her case.
  • A student may appeal a Final Course Grade within (10) days after the final grade has been submitted. For the purpose of the grade appeal policy, days will be measured as business days (Monday-Friday).
  • The formal process may be used only for grading issues that impact the final course grade. For example, if a student disagrees with a grade given on a particular exam or assignment, but changing the grade on that particular exam or assignment will not affect the outcome of the student’s final course grade, then the issue is not appropriate for a formal appeal.

Students should not fear retaliation for voicing a concern for review of their grade.