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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

Habitual Non-Attendance Policy

Habitual non-attendance is defined as an absence in any course (for any reason whatsoever) equating to two consecutive full weeks of missed class sessions (2 absences for a course meeting once a week, 4 absences for a course meeting twice a week, 6 absences for a course meeting three times a week). Professors will reach out to students who are in danger of falling into habitual non-attendance. He or she will submit an Early Alert Status Report (EASTR) to the Student Success Center.

When a student has reached the habitual non-attendance criteria for his or her course(s), the professor will send email notification to the Associate Registrar and academic advisor. The Associate Registrar will send a habitual non-attendance warning to the student. The academic advisor will then reach out to the student to try to resolve the issue within a week. The academic advisor will keep the faculty member and the Associate Registrar informed on any communication. 

In the event that the student does not respond to documented attempts to communicate within a week, he or she will be administrative dropped or withdrawn from the course(s). If the dropped/withdrawn student wishes to be re-enrolled in the course, he or she may request permission from the professor of the course(s). If a student falls into habitual non-attendance after the deadline to withdraw from courses, they will be awarded the grade earned for the course(s).