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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020


Current students may access an unofficial transcript of their grades on Former students requesting unofficial transcripts are requested to complete a Transcript Request Form. Students will not have access to after 90 days of separation from the College. 

Official transcripts - for which there is a fee - are requested by completing a Transcript Request Form located online at or at the Welcome Center. Official transcripts are printed for a fee, payable at the Welcome Center, and are sent by mail to the person or institution designated by the student and will include the College’s official seal and signature of the Registrar. The College may withhold official academic transcripts if the student has not met all financial obligations to the College. At this time, official transcripts cannot be faxed or sent electronically.

Academic Probation, Assessment, and Guidance

Academic probation, academic assessment, and academic guidance may be determined by the College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, and students will be notified regularly of their academic progress.

Change of Major

A student planning to change a major should first consult with an advisor concerning the reasons for the change and the availability of space in the proposed new major. The Program Chair grants approval for a student to change into their program, while the Registrar processes the change of major in the student record.