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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

RTT 2170 Radiation Physics I

This course offers a review and expansion of theories and concepts introduced in RTT 1270. It provides an analysis of the structure of matter, properties of radiation, nuclear transformations, x-ray production, and interactions of ionizing radiation. Explored also is the differentiation of specific Radiation Therapy treatment units and photon and electron beam dosimetry related to the treatment of patients. At the conclusion of this course, the student will compare and contrast atomic structure and composition of elements, atomic number and mass number; compare isotope, isotone, isobar and isomer; categorize the four fundamental forces of nature; describe the processes of ionization and excitation; define and compare radioactivity, decay, constant, activity and half-life; calculate rate of decay, change in activity, average life, and attenuation requirements for a given isotope; define fission and fusion; describe x-ray production and all components of a linear accelerator; define and describe all Cobol 60 elements; calculate half value layer; discuss the purpose and importance of the National Institute of Standards and Technology; choose the appropriate radiation detector for given clinical applications; participate in external beam calibration; and describe the quality of a gamma-ray beam.