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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

Additional Skills for Hybrid and Online Courses

Strong reading and writing skills

Students must have strong reading skills and the ability to communicate effectively through writing in a hybrid and online course. Material in an online course will come from textbooks and listening to audio lectures. Therefore, strong reading and critical thinking skills are important for success. Online students communicate through emails, discussion forums, and chats. Students need to feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing.

Self-motivated and independent learner

Online courses offer flexibility in scheduling; however, they require more self-discipline than on-campus courses. Students may miss face-to-face interaction with a professor and peers. In the online environment, students have to be able to start and to work on tasks on their own, without someone keeping them focused. They have to be self-disciplined in order to follow the class schedule and meet deadlines.

Time commitment

Online classes take as much time, or more time, as regular on-campus classes. Students need to set aside sufficient time for study. Students need to plan to spend at least as much time working on the assignments and studying as they would with a traditional course.

Time management

Even though students may not have to "be" in class on some specific day and time, they still have to follow the course schedule provided by the professor. Online classes are not independent study courses; students are still required to "show up" and participate actively.

Professor and student interactions continually evolve in an online course. Therefore, it is critical for students to be online frequently and to log in at least four times per week in order to follow discussions, review completed assignments, and communicate with classmates and the professor.

Online students should never wait until the last minute to complete an assignment. Students may have technical problems or run out of time. Procrastination is a major reason for failing an online class. It is easy to fall behind. It is important to set aside specific times, on a regular basis, to participate in an online course.

Active learner

Online students must be active learners and self-starters who are not afraid to ask questions when they do not understand. Online students, not the professor, must be in control of their learning process.

Since a professor cannot see a student, students need to "speak up" right away if they have problems. There is no way others will know that something is wrong. The professor is not the only source of information. Students can post their questions in the discussion forum and classmates will help.