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Catalog and Student Handbook 2020 - 2021

Grading System, Quality Points, GPA, and Academic Progress

Grade Quality Points Grade Equivalencies
A 4.0 100-93
A- 3.7 92-90
B+ 3.3 89-87
B 3.0 86-83
B- 2.7 82-80
C+ 2.3 79-77
C 2.0 76-73
C- 1.7 72-70
D+ 1.3 69-67
D 1.0 66-63
D- 0.7 62-60
F (Failing) 0 59 or below
W Withdrawn: no grade
WP Withdrawn: passing
WF Withdrawn: failing
I Incomplete
AU Audit
NG No Grade
LB Lab

The minimum grade needed to satisfy an associate-level professional nursing course requirement is a C+. Nursing and Radiation Therapy students must achieve a grade of C+ or above in laboratory science courses. 

An incomplete (I) grade may be recorded for any coursework unfinished by the end of the semester, providing that an incomplete is requested by the student and approved by the professor and Division Chairperson or Dean. The Incomplete Grade Contract form is located on the website or at the Welcome Center. Professors may choose not to give an incomplete and then the grade is calculated on the work completed and submitted. The deadline by which completed work is to be submitted is within six weeks or earlier. Any work or grade not submitted by the sixth week will result in the grade as indicated on the approved Incomplete Grade Contract.

An “Incomplete” can only be awarded to students who are in good academic standing and because of unexpected personal or professional emergencies. A grade of “I” may not be granted to a student whose work has been substantially unsatisfactory or who has failed to submit a substantial number of assignments (i.e., postings, responses, written assignments, etc.) in a timely manner by the end of the course. Students requesting extensions due to medical reasons are expected to provide official medical documentation. It is the student’s responsibility to consult the professor and submit the Incomplete Grade Contract prior to the end of the course. The professor will not accept assignments received after the date indicated on the agreement, and the student’s grade will be assigned according to the work the candidate completed by the end of the course.

Rarely will written permission for a further extension be granted by the course professor, and only with the approval of the Division Chairperson, Dean, or Vice President of Academic Affairs.