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Catalog and Student Handbook 2020 - 2021

Healthcare Administration, Bachelor of Science (Online)


To further the professional development of healthcare professionals with Associate degrees, Labouré College offers a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration that can be completed in a fully online format. Our healthcare administration curriculum provides students with rigorous, well-rounded training in management, leadership, information technology, quality assurance, ethics and policy.  It also includes linkages to the specializations in our Associate Degree programs. The goal of the program is to graduate healthcare leaders who are able to collaborate with others to design and deliver innovative approaches to healthcare that integrate wellness into the ongoing operations of hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

The bachelor's degree program will accept students at every level of transfer.

Program Outcomes

Students may expect to achieve the following outcomes upon completion of the program:


  • Appreciation for Human Dignity, which is at the core of Labouré’ s academic mission in Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Opportunities to stack credits from various certificate concentrations in the Health Sciences programs to pursue the management and leadership possibilities afforded to those with credentials in healthcare administration
  • Understanding of issues in modern healthcare from an evidence-based, cross-disciplinary, and inter-professional perspective
  • Understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred styles as leaders
  • In-depth awareness of best practices in the Health Sciences
  • Awareness of the importance and power of strategic partnerships within their healthcare facilities and the broader community
  • Competence in the use of effective communication skills with patients, colleagues, and the public
  • Positive values in the form of norms for ethical and moral behavior, the compassionate and caring practice of medicine, and a sense of obligation to improve the comfort, health, and wellness of the public
  • Cultural competency in the science and practice of medicine
  • The skills of inquiry necessary to sustain a lifetime of learning

Program of Study

While the College makes every effort to avoid schedule changes, the College may cancel courses or alter course schedules without prior notification.

All bachelor students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at the College. A minimum of 120 credits is needed to graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.

This sequence of courses is reflective of the course of study for students who already hold an associate degree. Students without an associate degree will take additional courses to reach the 120 credits needed to graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. 

Professional Courses

HSP 3010Legal Considerations in Healthcare


HSP 3020Economics and Finance in Healthcare


HSP 3030Communications and Informatics in Healthcare


HSP 3040Evidence-Based Practice


HSP 4010Interdisciplinary and Inter-Professional Practice in Healthcare


HSP 4020Planning and Assessment in Health Professions


HSP 4030Teaching Learners in Healthcare


HSP 4040Professional Development and Supervision in Healthcare


HSP 4050Leadership and Management in Healthcare


HSP 4000Healthcare Administration Electives


Arts and Sciences Courses

MAT 3410Essentials of Statistics


ETH 3000Ethics Elective


ELEC 3000 - 4000Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science Electives


ELEC 3001Arts and Sciences Elective


SES 4355Senior Capstone


Total Credits: 120

Students are awarded the degree after meeting the requirements listed below: 

•    Completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours at the College

•    Successful completion of the degree program as prescribed by the College

•    A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher

•    A minimum grade of C in degree professional courses

•    A minimum grade of D- in other degree requirements

•    A failing grade (F) in an arts and sciences course will not count toward a program requirement and the course must be retaken, or a chairperson-approved substitute course taken

•    Completion of all program requirements within six years of enrollment at the College