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Catalog and Student Handbook 2020 - 2021

Deferral of Enrollment

Students who have been accepted to Labouré College, and who are unable or do not wish to start classes in the term for which they applied may elect to defer their enrollment for up to three semesters, which is the equivalent of one year. Students deferring past one year will be required to reapply to Labouré College. Deferring enrollment allows a student to maintain their admissions decision and any institutional financial aid. 

A student who decides to defer his/her enrollment must submit his/her non-refundable matriculation fee/enrollment deposit. The deadline to defer enrollment is the same as the deposit deadline: November 15 for the Spring semester, March 15 for the Summer semester, May 15 for the Fall semester, or thirty days from acceptance (whichever comes later). 

Students who will be enrolling in another institution during their time of deferral are encouraged to speak with their Admissions Counselor. Any courses taken at other institutions during deferment will be evaluated by the Department of Admissions in accordance with the transfer credit policy. 

All specific questions or concerns regarding individual students should be directed to the Admissions Department.