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Transfer of Credits Overview

An initial review and granting of transfer credits will be completed by the Department of Admissions at the point of acceptance to all degree programs. Accepted students will be notified of their transferable credits in their acceptance packet.

A student may request additional transfer credit for academic work completed at another accredited college or university if the student feels that they have taken an appropriately equivalent course but did not receive transfer credit during their initial review. To do so, the student submits via email a Transcript Review Request to the Department of Admissions, and verifies with the Department of Admissions that their transcript with a final course grade is on file. 

A student seeking transfer credits for courses for which he or she is registered in a semester must submit the request at least two weeks before the first day of classes in that semester. The Transcript Review Request form must be completed and accompanied by all appropriate supporting documents, including a course description and, if necessary, a course syllabus. The request will be reviewed by the Department of Admissions, and – if required - the Division Chair or Dean responsible for assessing transferability of course(s) and final approval may be requested of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Department of Admissions will notify the student of the decision via Labouré College email.

A student may receive transfer credit through a transfer of courses or credit by exemption from a course. 

  • Transfer Courses are taken at other accredited colleges and are the same course and credits offered by Labouré College
  • Credit by Exemption is when a student receives credit for a course based upon predetermined criteria, which can include experience or prior degrees

Residency Requirement

To be awarded a degree, all students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Labouré College regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded. 


Transfer Credit: Certificate Programs

Transfer Credit: Associate Degree Programs

Transfer Credit: Bachelors Degree Programs

CLEP: Credit for College Level Examination Program

DSST Credit (formerly DANTES)