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Catalog and Student Handbook 2018-2019

The Student Success Center (SSC)

Student Service CenterThe Student Success Center (SSC) is designed to enrich learning opportunities through resources available to students at a distance or on campus. Modeled on best practices for excellence in teaching and learning, the SSC provides students with opportunities to extend and to deepen their classroom learning experiences by participating in academic advising, academic coaching (focused on learning strategies), academic tutoring (focused on course content), basic skill strengthening (e.g., focused on Mathematics, Writing, or Critical Reading), career counseling, and/or short-term personal counseling. The SSC also offers specialized assistance to students with learning differences, including advocacy, learning strategies, and, when appropriate, reasonable accommodations such as extended time on exams, note-taking assistance, enlarged print, preferential seating, and support in accessing digital audio texts, readers, scribes, and/or assistive technologies. Located adjacent to the student lounge, the SSC strives to be a warm and welcoming community of learners dedicated to fostering student growth and success.

Career services are an essential part of the SSC. While many of our students already have a career in healthcare, many are here at Labouré earning a degree or certificate to advance themselves or pursue a new career within the same industry. Our Career Services Coordinator schedules monthly workshops to assist students in preparing their resumés, and reviewing interview styles. Job placement events are held each semester, allowing students to interact with potential new employers, and allowing employers to meet Labouré staff as we continue to build partnerships. Job postings - as we receive them - are updated on the job placement board located on-campus on the 1st floor of the C Building (Academic Building), as well as online at 

You can connect with our Career Services Coordinator, Patricia Riddick, with any questions or suggestions toward successful employment. 

Academic Success Planning (My Academic Plan - MAP)

Labouré College is committed to ensuring that students have the best opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals. Therefore, an individual My Academic Plan (MAP) may be created based on each student’s academic background, institutional completion data, and conversation with an assigned academic advisor. These requirements are designed to assist students in the successful completion of their desired programs of study. The team of professionals in Admissions will inform students if they are required to have a MAP. (Any student may request a MAP, even if one is not required.)

Student Success Center (SSC) Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

The One-Stop Student Service Center and the SSC are open at least one Saturday a month. Students are encouraged to call, email, or stop by the One-Stop Student Service Center when they have questions or need assistance. You can reach One-Stop at (617) 322-3575 or