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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

Leave of Absence, Continuous Enrollment, or Withdrawal from the College

Voluntary Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

A student planning to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the College should meet with his or her Academic Advisor and a representative from his or her program of study. If, after discussion, the final decision is to take a leave or withdraw, the student may complete a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form located on or at the Welcome Center. This form must be approved by both the academic advisor and program representative before submitting to the Welcome Center for processing. If the student received financial aid while enrolled at the College, Exit Counseling must be completed online at, or by making an appointment with the Department of Financial Aid. A student who does not chose continuous enrollment may have to reapply to the College and to their program; if program changes have been made, the student may have to repeat professional courses. 

Continuous Enrollment

At times, a student may need to take a semester off (leave of absence) due to many reasons - personal or professional. In addition, due to cohort scheduling or schedule rotation or courses and the transfer credits for a student, it may become necessary for a student to take a gap semester, or semester off before starting. 

The Continuous Enrollment Policy allows a student to take a leave of absence or take the gap semester without losing his or her catalog and graduation requirements, and allows the student to remain continuously enrolled for the purposes of the Student Clearing House which reports non-enrollment to the Department of Education. Remaining continuously enrolled will not trigger the 6-month grace period for student loans. 

In any regular semester (fall or spring) that a student is not attending classes, he or she may select Continuous Enrollment (CEN) as an option. CEN allows a student to retain their course catalog and graduation requirements and return to Labouré College without having to reapply for admission. A student may select Continuous Enrollment for one semester. An additional consecutive semester of CEN may be requested, but must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee. 

The enrollment fee for CEN is published in the annual tuition and fees listing. The Continuous Enrollment fee is waived for military students who are called to active duty, or students with a medical leave of absence, or students who must take a gap semester to begin their professional courses due to scheduling of the College. 

All specific questions or concerns regarding individual students or to select CEN, or for more information, please contact the Registrar's Office. 

Administrative Withdrawal due to Non-Attendance

A student enrolled in any of the College's programs who does not register for courses for two consecutive terms will be administratively withdrawn from the College due to non-attendance. Two consecutive terms are defined as follows:

  • The fall semester (fifteen weeks) followed by the spring semester (fifteen weeks); or
  • The spring semester (fifteen weeks) followed by the fall semester (fifteen weeks).

A withdrawal will not be processed if a student does not attend during the Summer semester.