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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

Upon Acceptance to the College

To accept an offer of admission, applicants must submit a non-refundable matriculation fee/enrollment deposit by the deposit deadline provided in the acceptance letter. Once paid, the deposit allows the student the ability to register for their admitted semester. The deposit is waived for readmitted students and alumni of Labouré College. 

  • Students who do not deposit for the semester in which they were accepted will be withdrawn and will need to reapply for a later semester if they wish to attend Labouré College.

A student can defer their acceptance to Labouré for up to one year by submitting a Deferral Form with their Admissions Counselor. See Deferral of Enrollment section

New Student Registration Information

Before registration, students will need to complete the checklist provided in their acceptance packet which includes details on their pre-registration appointment and meeting their academic advisor. Students are highly encouraged to attend Accepted Students Day (ASD) prior to depositing as this is an opportunity to meet with all supportive departments which will help ensure your success in beginning classes at Labouré College. At Accepted Students Day, students will be able to deposit and set up their pre-registration appointment. Once both of these are complete, students will be eligible to register for the upcoming semester. 

Deposited students who have completed their checklist will have seven days to register once new student registration opens.

As new students register after current student registration, students will most likely not begin a professional nursing course their first semester at Labouré.


Failure to submit complete records of all previous academic experience will result in the student's being denied admission, or in the case of nondisclosure or misrepresentation, the rescinding of previously granted offers of admission. 


Once a student confirms their enrollment with a matriculation fee/enrollment deposit and/or registration of classes, he/she is considered a student of the College and must follow and be governed by the appropriate policies, regulations, and procedures of the College. 

Information for Advanced Placement LPN to RN Students

Upon receiving an acceptance letter, a student should contact the Division of Nursing at 617-322-3579. Every student completes the fee-based HESI Fundamentals of Nursing examination, which is offered twice a semester. A student will need to earn a minimum score of 780 on the HESI exam to receive nine credits for NUR 1015. There will be one opportunity for a re-test. Those students who do not achieve a minimum score of 780 on the HESI examination are ineligible for advanced placement status; these students then enroll in NUR 1015 to continue the program. 

Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals of Nursing HESI exam, the student is eligible to complete the fee-based Maternity/Pediatric HESI exam. A student will have to earn a minimum score of 780 to receive eight credits for NUR 2000. There is one re-test opportunity only. In the event that the student does not achieve a minimum score of 780, the student is required to enroll in NUR 1025

Upon successful completion of the Maternity/Pediatric HESI exam, the student is eligible to enroll in NUR 1035 on a space available basis. To enroll in NUR 1035, the student has to have completed ANA 1010 and ANA 1120. Prior to starting the NUR 1035 course, students must attend the Nursing PASS Program.  

All students who are beginning their first professional Nursing course must attend the PASS program, which is their Nursing Orientation.

Transfer of Credits Overview

An initial review and granting of transfer credits will be completed by the Department of Admissions at the point of acceptance to all degree programs. Accepted students will be notified of their transferable credits in their acceptance packet.

A student may request additional transfer credit for academic work completed at another accredited college or university if the student feels that they have taken an appropriately equivalent course but did not receive transfer credit during their initial review. To do so, the student submits via email a Transcript Review Request to the Department of Admissions, and verifies with the Department of Admissions that their transcript with a final course grade is on file. 

A student seeking transfer credits for courses for which he or she is registered in a semester must submit the request at least two weeks before the first day of classes in that semester. The Transcript Review Request form must be completed and accompanied by all appropriate supporting documents, including a course description and, if necessary, a course syllabus. The request will be reviewed by the Department of Admissions, and – if required - the disciplinary professor responsible for assessing transferability of course(s) and final approval may be requested of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Department of Admissions will notify the student of the decision via Labouré College email.

Residency Requirement

To be awarded a degree, all students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Labouré College regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded. 

Transfer Credit: Associate Degree Programs

Transfer Credit: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

CLEP: Credit for College Level Examination Program

DSST Credit (formerly DANTES)

Deferral of Enrollment

Students who have been accepted to Labouré College, and who are unable or do not wish to start classes in the term for which they applied may elect to defer their enrollment for up to three semesters, which is the equivalent of one year. Students deferring past one year will be required to reapply to Labouré College. Deferring enrollment allows a student to maintain their admissions decision and any institutional financial aid. 

A student who decides to defer their enrollment must submit their non-refundable matriculation fee/enrollment deposit. The deadline to defer enrollment is the same as the deposit deadline: November 15 for the Spring semester, March 15 for the Summer semester, May 15 for the Fall semester, or thirty days from acceptance (whichever comes later). 

Students who will be enrolling in another institution during their time of deferral are encouraged to speak with their Admissions Counselor. Any courses taken at other institutions during deferment will be evaluated by the Department of Admissions in accordance with the transfer credit policy. 

All specific questions or concerns regarding individual students should be directed to the Admissions Department.