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Catalog and Student Handbook 2019-2020

SES 4355 Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone demands reflection, insight, and synthesis. This is a transdisciplinary course taught by both a General Education professor and a Health Profession professor. This teaching team will assist the student to investigate, demonstrate, and synthesize course and program learning for problem solving and applications of undergraduate coursework across the entire curriculum. This course synthesizes concepts throughout the disciplines to create a unified framework for developing pathways for understanding the value, applications, and transferable use of the cumulative study at Labouré College. Students demonstrate collective competencies; pedagogical, practical, and personal advancement for the benefit of self and others; personal and professional growth that reflect cognitive and emotional intelligence; and knowledge and understanding of lifespan challenges and choices. Future contexts of professional growth are considered. Students will complete a professional portfolio to demonstrate achievement of program outcomes. 




All 4000- level general education courses, all 3000 level nursing courses, and all 4000 level courses except for NUR 4336 which can be taken concurrently.