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Catalog and Student Handbook 2021 - 2022

HSC 2000 Health Science Electives

Health Science elective and specialty credits can be satisfied by transfer credit, or through taking courses at Labouré College of Healthcare.

Students with current healthcare certifications may be earn equivalency credits from their prior certification program, receive transfer credit for prior college coursework in the health sciences, or choose from a selection of electives and tracks at Labouré. Students who need to take these credits at Labouré College of Healthcare will choose from a selection of elective options and/or career specialty track options outlined in HSC 2001. Specialty track options include EKG, Gerontology, and Phlebotomy


These credits may include a combination of elective courses, specialty track courses, and/or transfer credit. 

Specialty tracks are bundles of courses that allow the student to specialize in a particular area of health. Some specialities allow the student to sit for a national board exam. Students who already hold a healthcare credential may be eligible for equivalency credit, and may not elect to take a specialty track as part of their associate degree. Students who do not have a healthcare credential may elect to choose one or more of the specialty tracks offered. 

Students who select a speciality track and still need elective credits to earn their degree may select additional specialty tracks, or a selection of courses from within the tracks, to satisfy elective requirements.