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Catalog and Student Handbook 2021 - 2022

NUR 2025 Advanced Health and Illness Concepts

NUR2025 focuses on the analysis and synthesis of complex concepts and exemplars associated with the domains of Health and Illness, Nursing and Healthcare acquired in previous nursing courses. A more in-depth understanding of nursing and healthcare concepts and exemplars focus on professionalism, teamwork and collaboration, communication, informatics and technology, evidence-based practice, safety, quality improvement, leadership, system-based practice, and clinical judgment. Nutrition and more advanced principles of pharmacology are integrated. Opportunities are provided in simulation and the clinical setting, for students to achieve competency of more complex concept based skills. Includes 12 hours of clinical/skills laboratory, and 5 hours classroom theory.




NUR 2005. All arts and sciences courses must be completed prior to or concurrent with NUR 2025 (if taking arts and sciences concurrently with NUR 2025, they must be taken at Labouré).


If a student is seeking external transfer credit for remaining arts and sciences courses, the credits must be approved and processed as transfer credit prior to registering for NUR 2025.