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Catalog and Student Handbook 2021 - 2022

NUR 3000 - 4000 Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science Electives

Elective requirements for the RN-to-BSN program are 12 credits of Humanities, Social Science or Natural Science courses. These could be any four 3-credit courses in the Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science fields. Students can complete these electives through transfer credit, taking them at Labouré College of Healthcare, or a combination of both. 

For students taking these courses at Labouré, they may select some of the following: 




  • Humanities encompasses courses in English, literature, history, art, music, philosophy, religion or theology. 
  • Social Sciences encompass courses in psychology, sociology, political science, economics, or anthropology. 
  • Natural Sciences encompass courses in biology, chemistry, or physics.