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Catalog and Student Handbook 2021 - 2022

Credit via DSST Exams (formerly DANTES)

Labouré College of Healthcare accepts a total of 24 DSST credits toward a degree. Once enrolled at Labouré, a student must obtain the approval of an academic advisor and the Registrar prior to taking any - or additional - DSST examinations. Credit will be given only if credit has not already been awarded or earned for the related course content. Labouré College of Healthcare accepts a total of 30 credits from all testing sources combined.

Possible DSST exams and equivalencies:


Category DSST Exam  Minimum Score Credits Labouré Course
ETHICS Ethics in America 48/400


ETH 1010: Healthcare Ethics

A History of the Vietnam War

History of the Soviet Union

The Civil War and Reconstruction

Art of the Western World

Principles of Public Speaking

48/400 3 HUM 2000: Humanities Elective

Introductory Psychology 



PSY 1010: Introductory Psychology

Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Health and Human Development (TBD)

48/400  3 PSY 2010: Human Growth & Behavior
MATH Principles of Statistics 48/400 3 MAT 3410: Essentials of Statistics
RELIGION Introduction to World Religions 48/400 3 THE 2050: Religions of the World

Astronomy/Environmental Sciences

48/400 3 SCI 3000 - SCI 4000: Natural Science Elective

Substance Abuse

Foundations of Education

Human/Cultural Geography

Fundamentals of Counseling

48/400 3 SSC 3000 - SSC 4000: Social Science Elective