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Admission of Non-Matriculating Students

Students may request to enroll in Arts and Sciences courses at Labouré College of Healthcare as a non-matriculating [or non-degree seeking] student. A student may want to take a course for personal and self-enriching reasons, to satisfy a prerequisite course needed for a program they are enrolled in at another institution or a program they intend to enroll in, or for continuing education and professional reasons. Classes are based on a seat availability basis determined by the Registrar.

Students who meet the Labouré College of Healthcare admissions requirements may enroll in courses to meet educational goals other than attaining a degree, certificate, or certification. Students who wish to take courses for self-enrichment must provide appropriate educational verification.

Non-matriculating (non-degree, non-certificate, non-certification) students are those who are taking courses to achieve special professional goals or personal enrichment. A student can be defined as:

  1. A student who does not have a degree and is seeking self-enrichment
  2. A student who is enrolling with the purpose of taking courses as prerequisites for another degree, certificate, or certification
  3. A student who is enrolled in another institution and is taking courses with the purpose of transferring credits back to their home institution

Students must declare an intention to matriculate into a degree, certificate, or certification program once four courses have been completed.  An application for matriculation must be filed with the Admissions Office at that time. If accepted as a matriculating student, credits earned as a non-matriculating student will be evaluated toward the degree, certificate, or certification program. Students should be aware that credits taken prior to matriculation may not be applicable to current program requirements.

Application Requirements for Non-Matriculating Students

  • Completed admissions application and non-refundable application fee
  • Educational verification of the highest level of education attained by the student:
    • A high school student must submit an official high school transcript from the present high school, and ACT or SAT scores
    • A high school graduate must submit an official high school transcript or copy of the high school diploma, or copy of the GED/HiSET, and ACT or SAT scores
    • A student with some previous college experience must submit an official transcript from each college attended, or an educational verification form completed by the last college attended
    • A student with an associate, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree must submit an official transcript or copy of the degree, or an educational verification form completed by the college at which the highest level of education was attained

Enrollment Requirements for Non-Matriculating Students

  • If the selected course(s) has prerequisites, the student must submit an official college transcript(s) to demonstrate completion of the prerequisites
  • If taking courses traditional courses on campus, the student must complete and submit a student health form.

Non-matriculating students do not qualify for Labouré College of Healthcare-provided financial aid.

All specific questions or concerns regarding individual students should be directed to the Registrar.