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Financial Aid Information

The goal of the Financial Aid Office is to help assure that all qualified applicants have the opportunity to enroll at Labouré College of Healthcare. The Financial Aid Office offers scholarships, grants, employment aid when available, and low-interest student loans. We provide counseling to students and their families on the cost of their education and ways in which financial aid may be obtained. The Financial Aid Office is located in the B building. Students meeting with the Financial Aid Office can check in with the Student Success Center. 

Remedial Coursework

If acceptance to the College has been confirmed and the remedial coursework is necessary to complete the academic program, then students may receive financial assistance for up to 30 semester hours of remedial coursework. Students cannot receive financial assistance for remedial coursework if their acceptance to the College or to their program of interest is based on completion of the remedial work.

Discussing Financial Aid

While students are not required to make appointments during open office hours, the Financial Aid Office strongly urges students to do so. To schedule appointments, email Financial Aid directly at