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Refund Policy

A refund calculation will be based on the student’s last date of attendance, as verified by the Registrar, based on information provided by the course professor. Tuition will be credited to a student’s account upon dropping a course or withdrawing from the College based on the schedules below. Refund calculations will be made for those enrolled in a two-semester course.


Week Number 7-Week Course 15-Week Course
1 100% refund 100% refund
2 50% 90%
3 25% 75%
4 0% 50%
5 0% 25%
6 0% 0%
7 0% 0%
8 N/A 0%
9 N/A 0%
10-15 N/A 0%

If any overdue obligation is referred to an outside agency or attorney for collection efforts and/or legal suit, the debt is increased to cover all reasonable costs of collection, such as collection agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs.